What the *$@& is IdeasX?

If you follow me on anytype social media, you’ve likely seen some bizarre pictures with wires and scrolling code. I’m hoping it instilled feelings of awesomeness and confusion, like those (got milk?) commercials which vanished into the ether in the late 90s. Anyway, to the pointy bit, I’ve been developing a system designed to connect severely disabled students with C.P. to computers and other electronic devices (AKA the Ironman suit I’m after hours at work, shhh).

The original picture of me was rated PG-13 sooo

If you’d like to understand what the hubbub is about, how it works, and why I’m doing it or maybe just make fun of my spelling, feel free to checkout the IdeasX pages on this website. (Only one page is completed)

If you find any of this interesting and would like to join forces or if you happen to find my explanations particularly confusing, feel free to contact me!



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